My Ride to Work

Biking to work, especially during summer, is awesome. I mean, just look at what my ride looks like. Nice trees, lots of low traffic streets, ducks, sunrises, and sometimes no wind. All at a cost of about 350 calories and a little sweat. Why I would choose any other way to get to work?

Vulnerable Road User

Southern Parkway is great, especially when school is out

I like to make use of access roads and alleys when possible.The backside of Churchill Downs. Not on your typical urban commute.

Check out that motor!

Secret cut-through to work, cars not allowed.

Best parking spot in the company!

So there you have it. 7 miles, 30 minutes, and 350 calories later I arrive at work. Add another 3 minutes or so to change and I’m ready to go. Was that so hard? By the time I get home I will have exercised for over an hour and burned over 700 calories, on top of not having to buy gas, flip off stupid drivers (are there any other kind?), or add much to our global warming issue. Since I never have to pass anyone or even slow down much it feels like I get the road all to myself!

And since you’ve read this far, I’ll let you in on a secret. When biking, there are no traffic jams, construction is irrelevant, and there are no road closures. The news stations wont tell you this because that’s not exciting and they can’t offer tips on how to “beat the traffic”. If I ever encounter a delay (other than a light or stop sign) I’ve found I can always just ride right on by it, or dismount and walk past. I don’t think I have ever been delayed more than a few seconds.

I often wonder why more people in Louisville haven’t figured out how awesome this is. I do occasionally see a few bikers near Churchill, but not too many people seem to have discovered there are other ways to get to work in Louisville. Hopefully that changes sooner rather than later. I’d love to see more people enjoy their commute instead of dread it.

Cycleville Goes to Lexington

This weekend, the wife and I took off for Lexington to hit up a couple of trails. One being the Bourbon Trail, the other was the Legacy Trail. What better way to spend a long weekend than combining three of my favorite things; bikes, bourbon, and travel. Read More…

How Not to Park

One of the many benefits of biking is that I get a chance to notice things. Moving at a pace of around 15 mph allows me to look around a bit and check out the neighborhood. Most of the time I’m looking at people’s houses, enjoying the trees, waving at neighbors, getting barked at by pets, dodging squirrels, and occasionally passing other bikers. Read More…

April Update

I set a goal of commuting by bike at least 80% of the time this year. After just over 3 months I am currently at 94% having driven only 4 times and biked 60. This amazing weather has helped a lot. I see no reason I can’t hit 90% for the year! Wouldn’t that be something. Overall my rides have been amazing. Read More…


Motivating co-workers/friends/family to bike to work and join you in your quest for a healthier, wealthier, and happier world is harder than it should be. Here you are, offering what is possibly the best option they have of improving their quality of life, and yet they will look at you with equal parts skepticism and disbelief. Read More…

Hot n Ready to Roll

Improvised pizza delivery technique. Use your bike rack and some bungee cords. Make sure you secure it left to right and front to back so that it doesn’t slide off. We happen to live about 1/2 a mile from little caesars, so it takes about the same amount of time to drive or bike there. Might as well bike! Read More…

How I got the city to fix a dangerous intersection

Twice in one month I was almost hit head on. No, I wasn’t going the wrong way down the street. Yes, I had on my front headlights (helmet and handlebars). Read More…

Costs of biking

Lately I’ve been having a number of issues with my bike. None have been major issues but it got me thinking about the costs of biking. I usually don’t think twice about spending money on my bike or accessories because it obviously beats the alternative of buying a new (or used) car. Read More…

What you got in that drawer?

A nice size drawer helps with storing clothes, toiletries, and extras. Also makes for a nice spot to dry my shirts and shorts.

Things I keep in my drawer at work:

  • Work Shirts (x5)
  • Work Pants
  • Bottle of febreeze (keeps the funk down) Read More…

Say What?

I’ve been biking to my work since May of 2010. I waited about 6 months after getting hired to start (wanted to make a good impression first). I started biking just a couple of times per week and over the years have increased my bike rate. Read More…