Great week of biking ahead

Weather is looking good! Who doesn’t like days that are “delightful”? Other than the dark mornings I think fall is the best time for bike riding. Even though the weather is being very cooperative this week doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the winter. I’ve begun my search for some quality winter riding clothes. I’m leaning towards Under Armour Cold Gear collection. I tried a few items on at a sporting goods store and think it will hold up well as the weather drops. To save some money I’m going to buy the clothes on eBay. Last year my winter wardrobe consisted of some snow pants, a few layers of long t-shirts, and a cheap hoodie. Overall, it was a success. However, I was getting my pants caught in the derailleur more than I’d like and on windy days I felt like a sail. I need something a little tighter and lightweight but won’t cause me to overheat.


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