Say What?

I’ve been biking to my work since May of 2010. I waited about 6 months after getting hired to start (wanted to make a good impression first). I started biking just a couple of times per week and over the years have increased my bike rate. First I had to build up my stamina to be able bike more than twice per week. Then I slowly acquired better clothes to bike in the cold, wet, and heat we get here in Louisville. I bought better accessories to carry my stuff (lunch, clothes, phone). And picked up some minor bike repair skills (change a flat, adjust breaks, clean chain) to make it easier and more convenient to bike to work. Currently I’ve biked to my full-time job for 3 straight months and have no intention of breaking this streak. Eventually we will get some snow/ice/wind storm that will end it, but hopefully I will be able to get a ride instead of having to drive my car.

While many things have changed about how I bike to work, one thing that continues is the random comments I get about what I’m doing. I thought that after the first few months they would stop, but that doesn’t appear to be happening.

Comments I’ve gotten about riding my bike to work:

  • I hope you have a concealed carry license for those neighborhoods you ride through.
  • Lance! (x20/month)
  • Are allowed to eat donuts or does that violate your biking code?
  • So you don’t have time to do that bearing calculation for me but you have time to ride off into the freaking sunset? (I was going home)
  • Why do you ride your bike to work? Is it cause it’s green, cheap, to stay fit, or do you just enjoy it? Me: “Um, all of the above”.
  • Are you able to drive a car? Cause I know you are one of those hippie biker types that doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.
  • I think I would die if I rode more than a mile. (…maybe that’s a sign you NEED to ride a bike?)
  • You ride in this heat!? You ride in this cold!? You ride in this rain!? (repeat all over again next year)
I might have to start a ‘best of’ list. Riding a bike to work is rare in my city and rarer in the area I work, so I get a lot of comments and questions.

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