What you got in that drawer?

A nice size drawer helps with storing clothes, toiletries, and extras. Also makes for a nice spot to dry my shirts and shorts.

Things I keep in my drawer at work:

  • Work Shirts (x5)
  • Work Pants
  • Bottle of febreeze (keeps the funk down)
  • Stick of deodorant (in case I forget to put it on before leaving)
  • Extra socks (in case I get caught in the rain)
  • Extra boxers (just in case)
  • Cable Lock (sometimes I run errands after work, helps to keep a lock handy)
  • Hand towel (used to dry me off on extra hot days)
  • Lunch

Biking to work requires a little more planning and foresight. I used to drive once a week and bring all of my clothes and lunches so that I didn’t have to carry them with me on my ride in. Now I have a decent bag for my bike that I toss my shirts and lunches in. I find that when most people have empty space they tend to find something to fill it with. I made sure to dedicate this spot as my biking area and not fill it with work things. With a little organization I’m sure most people could find an area to store stuff out of sight and help make biking to work a little easier.


2 responses to “What you got in that drawer?”

  1. ladyulliman says :

    I think your blog really helps people see biking as a way of life. It takes extra thought at first, but soon it just becomes part of your normal routine.

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