Costs of biking

Lately I’ve been having a number of issues with my bike. None have been major issues but it got me thinking about the costs of biking. I usually don’t think twice about spending money on my bike or accessories because it obviously beats the alternative of buying a new (or used) car. However, my most recent bike purchase has caused some pain to my wallet and forced me to examine my spending on my bike over the last 16 months. Repairs made to my bike are all done at a local bike shop and accessories are almost always bought through Amazon so it was fairly simple to sort and total my purchases.

Since June 2010

  • Bike (Jamis Coda 2010): $420
  • Accessories (lights, locks, rack, bag, etc): $364
  • Repairs/Maintenance (spokes, chain,new wheel, brakes): $285 ($120 of which is a new rear wheel)
  • Clothing (gloves, rain gear, balaclava, etc): $150

Cost per month: $76

Ideally, this would be much lower. I only have myself to blame though because some of my purchases were unnecessary. For instance, I bought a helmet mirror, wore it for one week and decided it was too distracting and haven’t worn it since. I also purchased a rack and bag with the bike and did not like it so I bought another (more expensive) one and use it all the time. I even have multiple sets of lights after purchasing some that weren’t bright enough or had a low battery life.

Buying quality gear and clothes is essential to making a commute convenient and easy. When starting out, you are better off just using what you have and making it work. If you decide to take it seriously, then take the time to research and invest in quality gear. It is well worth it.


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