April Update

I set a goal of commuting by bike at least 80% of the time this year. After just over 3 months I am currently at 94% having driven only 4 times and biked 60. This amazing weather has helped a lot. I see no reason I can’t hit 90% for the year! Wouldn’t that be something. Overall my rides have been amazing. I get to listen to Pandora, watch the sunrise, enjoy the wind (when it cooperates), wave at kids, and have burned an astounding 43,200 calories without having to go to a gym or spend a dime on gas. I really can’t think of a better way to get to work. However, I have also had a couple close calls that have caused a little bit of stress.

I’ve found that riding a little slower and having a little more patience with people makes for more relaxing rides. But sometimes it just takes one wrong move to set me off. Recently a lady was parked facing the wrong direction on the street (which is illegal) and decided to pull out without her lights on. I guess she didn’t realize this makes it difficult for oncoming traffic to see her and vice versa. I was able to brake before hitting her car, but then she continued to roll towards me as if I was supposed to swerve out of her way! Who the hell does she think she is?! I managed to get around her and continue on but not without my blood pressure steadily rising for the rest of the ride.

Here’s hoping I can continue this amazing run and can safely bike to work almost every day this year.


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