Cycleville Goes to Lexington

This weekend, the wife and I took off for Lexington to hit up a couple of trails. One being the Bourbon Trail, the other was the Legacy Trail. What better way to spend a long weekend than combining three of my favorite things; bikes, bourbon, and travel.

There is a nice trailhead at the Northside YMCA, they even rent bikes there if needed. The trail is about 8 miles long and ends at Kentucky Horse Park. It was designed and built as part of the World Equestrain Games that came to Lexington in 2010. We managed to squeeze the bikes in the back of the Civic (not easy) and hit the trail early to try to beat the heat. Forecast called for 100+ degrees so the earlier the better. Of course, I had a flat tire before we got started so we had a slight delay. Luckily I brought a spare tube and pump so I was able to replace it quickly and we were off!

The trail winds its way past many farms, some businesses, and over a few creeks. There was even the occasional sidewalk painting. Not sure who did them but they were unique and a pleasant surprise.

They even had helpful bike repair stations that included a pump and tools.

One thing I didn’t enjoy was the lack of shade. There are a few shady spots along the trail but you are mostly out in the open. Most days I suspect this is not an issue but on this day we could have used some tall trees to keep us cool.

Kentucky isn’t the most progressive state when it comes to bicycling infrastructure given our states’ rank of 44th according to the League of American Bicyclists. Which is why this was the first green bike lane I had ever ridden on. It was only for the span over the bridge, but it was exciting to ride on a (semi) protected lane with green paint signifying bikes belong. I hope to see these in my town soon but am not aware of any plans to do so.

Watch out for the ducks crossing! This duck was left behind and was searching for the rest of his group who had found some water not far from the bike path. I think even saw him look both ways when he crossed the street.

The legacy trail appears to be a popular trail in Lexington. We passed many bikers, walkers, and runners who all took advantage of a nice protected path away from traffic even on such at hot day. There are plans to connect this trail with downtown providing greater access and increased awareness of the trail. Should be a popular spot for many years.

Lexington has a good network of bike paths criss-crossing downtown and bike racks conveniently located at many business making it a pretty friendly place for bicyclists compared to the ville. If you are thinking of visiting Lexington sometime, I recommend bringing some bikes along (or renting some) and checking out the Legacy Trail and the rest of downtown by bike. Oh and check out the bourbon trail, but don’t do both in the same day!


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