Recommended Products

Everything I recommend are products that I use regularly. I find they get the job done and work for my purposes (commuting and running errands). I have purchased way too many bike products that have disappointed me and will not list them here. If you want to support this blog you can buy one of these products using my links and I will get a few pennies. I promise to use that money to buy more bike products and review them here.

Best rear fender I’ve found. Fits any bike, keeps you dry, and doesn’t rattle. Only downside is it is easy to steal. I can bring my bike inside at work so this isn’t an issue. If you don’t have that luxury you may want to find something else.

SKS X-Tra-Dry Fender – Rear

Bike Lock
For short trips to the grocery, redbox, or liquor store, a cable lock will do the trick. If you plan on leaving your bike outside for an extended period of time it’s best to double up and use a U bolt as well as a cable.

Avenir Combo Cable Lock (10mm x 6ft)
OnGuard Bulldog Combo DT 5012C Bike U-Lock w/ Cable & Bracket

Reflective Vest
You’ll definitely get noticed when a car lights you up with this.

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest

The more the merrier! I own 2 sets of these. They are effective, affordable, and use AA batteries. I recommend getting some rechargeable batteries to save some money and the environment. These are versatile too. I strap one set to my helmet and one to my handlebars so that I can light up whatever I look at and make myself visible.

Planet Bike 3040 Superflash Tail Light and Blaze Headlight Light Set

Reflective Pop Bands
These things are awesome! And I doubt many other sites will mention their usefulness. If you want to wear pants you will quickly find out the problem with that. Unless you want to roll your pant leg up you can use these to keep your pants clean and your leg warm.

Vedante Super Reflective Pop Bands (Pair) in Sustainable Packaging

Bike Pump
This works with both presta and schrader valves and has a pressure gage. I’ve used it regularly for over 2 years and have not had any problems with it.

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Winter Clothes
When the temps drop below 50 deg F I will bust out the following Under Armour Cold Gear products. Under Armour makes some awesome stuff. Its a bit pricey but totally worth it for winter biking. Initially a couple layers and a hoodie will work, but once you try this stuff you wont want to go back.

Under Armour Cold Gear Longsleeve Mock
Men’s UA ColdGear® Tactical Hood Headwear by Under Armour
ColdGear® Legging Bottoms by Under Armour

Summer Clothes
I tend to sweat a lot. It gets in my eyes and my helmet gets pretty wet. This skullcap keeps it off my eyes and keeps my helmet from getting soaked.

Headsweats Skullcap

Tire Protection
Flat tires S-U-C-K. This minimizes the risk of flats. Kevlar tires help too.

Mr. Tuffy Bicycle Tire Liner


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